To Wait or Not to Wait…

Are you considering selling your home this year? If so, it would appear that waiting until the spring is the way to go. There are a few good reasons for that. It’s such a beautiful time of year and the curb appeal is usually at its peak during those months. Furthermore, there are more buyers out looking during the spring and summer months and there’s more market activity overall.

However, it might not be to your advantage to wait. It depends somewhat on what kind of house you have and who your potential buyer is.


  • Most people need at least some advice from their Realtor about staging and possibly some work that needs to be done to get the highest dollar for their home. Waiting until Spring to speak to their Realtor can shorten the time to get the home ready and might push its full marketability into the summer.
  • If a home is ready to go on the market, the winter can be a great time. Why? The buyers that are looking in the winter are usually very serious and committed. They are not here for fun. They’re here to find a home. Nobody is braving the cold and rain and snow to look at homes just for their own entertainment (which sometimes happens during the summer).
  • The winter buyers are mostly left with stale listings from the previous year that didn’t sell, in the hope that something new will come on the market. Any new home for sale at this point will look really good compared to the competition.
  • The Ulster County Real Estate market has a large weekend and summer home component. Many buyers look during the winter months in hopes that they will be in a home by the spring and summer. They want to enjoy the most weekends they can with this large purchase.
  • So, yes, there are less buyers during the winter months. But the ones that are out there, are committed. There is less competition for the home and the daily influx of new listings is drastically reduced, making the ones that do come on much more desirable.

I mentioned above that the best time to sell sometimes depends on what kind of house you have. The price bracket plays a role, who the potential buyer is, where it’s located, what amenities it has, etc. A contemporary with pool and extensive landscaping might be different from a townhouse with regard to timing. As a general rule, if the appeal of your home is based on the outside (pool, gardens, privacy, etc) it might be better to wait. If your home’s appeal lies more on the inside (layout, finishing work, kitchen, etc) it might make sense to put it on sooner rather than later. Most homes have some of both.

For me, it always makes sense to talk, to look at the home sooner rather than later and together come up with a strategy that makes the most sense.

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